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7 Digital Marketing Tips To Immediately Grow Your Kitchen & Bath Business

The residential kitchen and bath industry hit a whopping $130.8 billion mark in 2020

alone. It was surprising to most people who thought that the raging COVID pandem-
ic would dent these rising figures. If 2021 stats are anything to go by, this was a minor

milestone compared to the predicted figures in the next 5 to 10 years. Like any promising
industry, the imminent growth of this once small industry has brought in the aspect of
competition. More businesses want to tap into this market and are now gunning for the
lion’s share of the market. How can your business survive (scratch that) thrive in this
booming industry?

You know the drill. Any business operating in this digital age cannot forgo digital mar-
keting- automation, marketing campaigns, etc. This book takes you through the basics of

making it in any industry, more so the kitchen and bath sector. By teaching you how to
set both BHAG and SMART goals, brand your business, and find your voice, we cover the
foundation of the business. We also get into developing a competitive edge and carving

out a market for your business. How can you stay on track? Simple! Key performance in-
dicators (KPIs) are a sure way to avoid getting sidetracked. You can optimize these gems

by investing in a top-notch tech stack and building an explosive marketing campaign.
Are you ready to see what the kitchen and bath future looks like? Let’s go!

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